17 things for 17 years


Blocking out the negativity

You are the dancing queeeeeen, young and sweeeeeeet, only seventeeeeeeeeeeen

I’m seventeen!!! I’m absolutely floored to think that I’ve made it this far in life. It’s funny how seventeen years feels like such a long time and not very much at all. Anyway, to celebrate this monumental occasion, here are seventeen things I’ve learned over the past seventeen years I’ve had on this Earth so far.

  1. One step in front of the other. Don’t look at the last step when you haven’t even seen where the second step is. The whole” big picture” thing is God’s job, not yours 🙂
  2. School isn’t everything. Intellect is only valuable if you are also kind, and academic success isn’t the only admirable quality one could have. You can be generous, honest, trustworthy, resilient, courageous, forgiving, etc. Being smart is not a prerequisite for any of these things.
  3. The idea of one being “normal” is a social construct and therefore does not apply to you nor anyone else you will ever come in contact with. There is no normal life, normal family, normal brother, or normal childhood. We all have ~stuff~, big or small, and comparing that ~stuff~ won’t really get you anywhere meaningful.
  4. Mental health is not a shameful topic. Friends want to know what’s happening in your life, the good and the ugly, and if they don’t, they’re not your friend.
  5. Eat vegetables. Try to live relatively healthily. It’ll make you feel better, or something like that. Just do it.
  6. While we’re on the topic of physical health, go in for your yearly physical. Also, if your stomach frequently hurts, go see a doctor; don’t wait three months. Your body will thank you later.
  7. Writing is not the enemy.
  8. I repeat, writing is not the enemy.
  9. Go to sleep for goodness sake! I promise, it will not be the end of the world if you turn your homework in late. Believe it or not, THIS is why you’re getting sick so often, so sleep!
  10. If you think you need to start therapy again, you need to start therapy again.
  11. What are you waiting for?!? Make an appointment!!!
  12. Frustration and anger are valid emotions. So are sadness, fear, and grief. They stink, but (unfortunately) they’re valid — treat them as such.
  13. Being busy isn’t always a good thing. Having nothing to do is definitely not a good thing. You need balance, and it’s okay if it takes awhile to find that.
  14. THIS is how you incorporate the word “however” into a sentence because ~apparently~ you can’t start a sentence with that word??!?: I like to eat cheese; however, I am allergic to milk. Go figure. #thanksEnglish
  15. Write down everything — what you have to do, your ideas, things you need to buy at CVS, your emotions, a moment of inspiration, everything — because you know that within 15 minutes you’re going to forget, and you will spend the entire day trying to remember, and that is something you have neither the time nor the energy for.
  16. Trust may not be build overnight, but communication can be changed in an instant, and that’s a start.
  17. Love will always be greater than fear (1 John 4:18). Okay fine, I haven’t exactly accepted this one juuuust yet. I’m close though! Check in with me in a year or so 😉

With Love,


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